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Stunning Staircases

From the real stair to the represented one; from an everyday place to a deeper meaning.

This series is an experimentation with architectural interiors, and has generated an infinity of new worlds; not real, not fake, there is no up or down, but something else entirely! With its surreal imagery, Stunning Staircases blurs the line between different realities. Who knows what will be revealed in the final picture, except for the possibility to see beyond the image itself? Staircases take on the shape of sea horses and tulips; where closed walls unfold into an open landscape.

While these distorted images of staircases leave you dizzy and confused, they also inspire a new view of the world, and of course, a new interpretation. These stairs are just one “step” in an ascending spiral of interpretation. Everybody is invited to take another step in the conversation, bring the circle forward — add a tread to the stairs.


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